If anyone has the opportunity and time, this would be well worth attending to get a firsthand look at where the pro-illegal migration agenda is heading in 2008.

While nominally the conference is framed as addressing issues related simply to “immigrants” without reference to legal status, the subject matter and list of organizers indicate significant attention to issues related to illegal aliens. Of course, data such as the Pew Hispanic Center studies indicate the overwhelming percentage of immigrants from some areas are here illegally so we can be reasonably certain that is an important target demographic for the event.

Details are as follows:

December 6-8, 2007, Arlington, Virginia

DoubleTree Hotel Crystal City
300 Army Navy Drive
Arlington, Virginia 22202-2891
Tel: 703-416-4100

Pre-Conference (Sept. 22 – Nov. 30) $315
Onsite Registration (Dec. 1 – Dec. 6) $360

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Below the fold are some of the subjects to be covered – click here for workshop details:

1.1 Immigrant Eligibility for Public Benefits 101
1.4 Electronic Employment Eligibility Verification Systems: No Magic Bullet
1.5 Taking the Offensive in Support of Immigrant Rights2.1 Barriers to Public Benefits 101
2.2 Immigrant Workers’ Rights 102/ Representing Immigrant Workers: Rights & Remedies
2.5 Best Practices/Lessons Learned from Raids
2.6 From “Family Unity” to “Chain Migration”: It’s Not Just Semantics
3.1 Overview of Employment-related Immigration Enforcement Tools
3.2 Fighting State and Local Restrictions on Services for Immigrants
3.4 Increased Criminalization, Decreased Rights: Part I
3.5 Advocating for Language Access
4.1 Preventing the Dismantling of Social Security
4.3 Industry-specific Strategies in the Greater Struggle for Workers’ Rights
4.4 Countering the Rise of Nativist Influence
4.5 Fortress America
4.6 What’s Law Got to Do With It? How Organizers & Lawyers Collaborate to Advance Social Justice
5.1 Framing the Debate on Immigrants and Benefits
5.2 Access to Child Care and Early Education for Immigrant Families
5.4 Worker Centers: Organizing and Representing Day Laborers
5.5 Responding to the Use of Social Security “No-Match” Letters
5.6 Building Bridges Between Immigrant and Citizen Communities of Color
6.1 Securing SSI for Humanitarian Immigrants and Other Noncitizens
6.2 Comprehensive Immigration Reform: What’s Next?
6.3 Challenging Efforts to Turn Local Police into Immigration Agents
6.4 Locked Away
6.5 Worksite Raids: Advocacy Strategies for Protecting Workers
7.1 Litigation and Policy Strategies Challenging State and Local Anti-Immigrant Measures
7.2 “Train the Trainer” on SSA No Match Letters
7.3 Forging a New Policy Agenda on Immigrants and Benefits: Strategy Session
7.4 Organizing and Advocacy Efforts for Guest Workers
7.5 Keeping the DREAM Alive: Next Steps

Also, Breakfast and lunch sessions

-Joining Forces: Building on the Power of African -Americans and Immigrant Communities
-Immigration in the 2008 Elections