It is that time of the year where the Christian world gets to celebrate a most favorable day-the birth of Christ Jesus.  Or is it?  The cards have started rolling in with funny scenes and sayings.  The stores are actively pushing their wares under the “Happy Holidays” banner.  What holidays?  New Years Day is a holiday but we don’t give gifts.  Chanukka is a gift giving time but we don’t get a holiday for it.  What happened to Christmas?  Now there is the real question.

Christmas isn’t gift giving.  It is a time off to allow Christians the chance to worship the birth of our Savior.  It allows all believers of different religions and non-believers alike to have a “holiday” from work or an excuse to do whatever.  But Christmas is truly for Christians.  Don’t allow the watering-down of its real reason.  Don’t be politically correct and subvert its intent.  Our savior is born and allow us to celebrate for His sake.  Understand what this day is and call it by its name……..Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all.  May God grant us peace.