Glen Caroline is my choice for the new chairman of the Loudoun County Republican Committee. Since no one else is currently even RUNNING for the position the decision has a certain safeness to it, and I for one am up for that type of throwdown. Word: Let the chips fall where they may.

I’ve had several conversations with Glen and here is what I like about him for this position: He is a completely no-BS individual, which is what the local GOP needs right now. I am not really a “what’s your vision of the future” kind of guy but I asked him some specific questions about how we got to where we are and where we need to go and he did not fudge or toss out platitudes.

How do we address the rifts within the party? Get everyone focused on what we have to accomplish in 2008.

What happened to Greg Ahlemann? A portion of the GOP peeled off after the Convention and supported Steve Simpson, who had great name recognition across the county. Ahlemann needed our full support from the beginning if he was going to have a chance.

What do we do about the absconders? We all need to talk about that – everyone’s opinion needs to be heard so the committee can decide how to go forward.

He doesn’t bring a magic wand to solve all of our problems, but he understands the only things we CAN do to solve them. This is a time for realism, and Glen brings that.

He is also a professional grassroots organizer at his day job with NRA, and he lives for the stuff, and boy oh boy is THAT what we need in the coming few years. Some might say “Who would even WANT this job?” in light of the intraparty rifts. All I can say is, we are lucky we have someone like Glen willing to take it on.

He has already attracted a truly impressive bipartisan list of supporters, supposedly spanning from Delgaudio to Waters to Volpe to Wolinski. Whew, I must be part of THAT posse.

I gave him my deeply considered opinion on what to do with the absconders: “I don’t know exactly but I am TICKED off.”

I am positive everyone who wants will have a chance to weigh in. Glen is a fresh face, not aligned with any LCRC factions, very energetic, and a straight shooter. I think he will be a formidable leader.