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Duncan Hunter just held a teleconference in which one of the questions was why he endorsed the Huckster – when the Huckster’s continuation in the presidential race will likely result in John McCain as the Republican nominee. The questioner also seemed to imply he’d like to see Hunter reconsider.

Hunter explained that Mitt Romney’s refusal to work against his former company’s – Bain Capital’s – involvement with the Chinese company Huawei Technologies, or even to answer questions about the association, made Romney a “non-starter” for him. (Hunter had publicly called on Romney to terminate a deal by which Huawei was to purchase a large stake in the American company 3com.)

Hunter explained that Huawei had installed telecom equipment in Saddam Hussein’s Iraq and in Afghanistan for the Taliban, work that eventually would be used against U.S. armed forces.

Though he did not say so, the implication was that Romney and Huckabee were the only two Hunter would have considered endorsing at the time he dropped out.

Of course, Hunter was under no obligation to endorse anyone. So why endorse a guy whose record on illegal immigration was so antithetical to Hunter’s own supposedly strongly- held positions? My guess is Hunter has such strong antipathy to Mitt Romney that he wanted to help ensure he would not get the GOP nomination: Endorsing Huckabee would help ensure the Huckster would continue to leech support from Romney.

Undoubtedly, Hunter would rather see McCain in the White House than Romney. Though I supported Hunter, I think this was short sighted in light of what is going to happen within the Republican party if McCain is the nominee. Hunter in effect is saying he would rather see a Democrat in the White House.

UPDATE: A couple of other comments by Duncan Hunter were illuminating and should be reported in the interest of full disclosure: He noted that during one of the debates, Romney did not get the opportunity to answer a question Hunter posed about Bain Capital because the moderator changed the subject. He also said, with reference to Romney’s reported change to a more conservative position on abortion, “I could never understand beating a guy up because he comes over to your way of thinking.”

I am not sure these comments ameliorate what Hunter surely seemed to try to do to Romney with the Huckabee endorsement, but the latter comment would possibly explain why Hunter could endorse a formerly avid open borders guy like the Huckster. Maybe Huckabee just convinced him he’d had a change of heart.

Den of Thieves will be a new periodic series here highlighting organizations whose agendas are in effect geared towards facilitating the theft of America from it’s legal residents – broadly speaking, but basically accurate: the transfer of political and economic power from citizens to non-citizens.

More broadly, and possibly MORE accurate: Facilitating the election of a new electorate.

I encourage all legal residents of the U.S. to familiarize themselves with these organizations because they are BUSY and well-funded.

First up are four nests of thieves we should all be familiar with:

WeCanStopTheHate” (a new program from top thief La Raza)

NDN Hispanic Strategy Center

Locals! “Ayuda Business Coalition

And this oldie but goodie: “Southern Poverty Law Center” (Actually SPLC is sort of a “thief” in the practical, as well as conceptual, sense, so doubly worth the mention).

If you are serious about trying to make a difference, you must understand the enemy – so please take the time to read through these sites. More to come.

Here is a great essay by Mark Levin on the importance of doing everything we can to help Mitt Romney towards the GOP nomination, the main reason being that John McCain would be an exceptionally poor choice as Republican nominee – because for one, he would likely lose, and two, that would be a good thing.

The Virginia Senate’s most treasonous committee remained true to its stripes today. Reported in the Blog Fu comments, the committee voted 13-2 to kill SB90 which would have begun the process of implementing enforcement of federal hiring law in the state. Stolle voted with the majority.

Cuccinelli once again was in the minority voting for the legal residents.

An interesting take up at The Anchoress – well worth reading if you are, like me, someone who voted for Bush twice and have trouble remembering exactly what you were thinking less than four years ago.

Linked from Ace who says “But it’s also fair to remember the ways in which he’s done good, not just for us conservatives, but for the country and indeed the whole ungrateful world.”

The always excellent Michael Graham says “it’s over.”

Hope he’s wrong about that.

Some of Virginia’s proposed immigration enforcement bills are moving through the House Rules Committee. The Richmond Times-Dispatch reports that Jackson Miller’s HB 623 and Dave Albo’s HB 820 have been forwarded to the full House of Delegates.

No major surprises here, and it is good to see both bills passed unanimously in Rules.

It’s the the Senate side where things are stickier. The Times-Dispatch report also notes the many bills which have been forwarded to the Senate Courts of Justice Special Subcommittee on Immigration are basically still there, so presumably no great progress was made at today’s meeting.

The report does include a not especially promising quote from committee chair Richard Saslaw that “We’re not going to give local government one penny for jailing these people.” I don’t know anyone who is clamoring for money from Richmond – just give us a few good laws – but let’s hope that the “one penny” remark does not mean Saslaw is intending to be as intransigent as his predecessor as chair of the C of J committee.

UPDATE: Another report from Richmond – The Free Lance Star.

UPDATE II: Blog Fu reports there was indeed activity in the Senate committee, and it was not in the right direction …