This may be the most interesting evidence yet that Mike Huckabee is, in fact, the Whore of Babylon:

They came to hear Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee speak, but first the crowd of hundreds had to sit through a soft-sell pitch on the wonders of multi-level marketing.

For half an hour, two businessmen paced the stage where Huckabee would soon stump. They never said the name of the company during their talks, but afterward some members of the crowd shared with others the good news of a company called Quixtar Inc.

Quixtar is a sibling company of multi-level marketing giant Amway – and, according to Huckabee’s public schedule, the host of the event.

“Religious” business people have had a longstanding affinity with multi-level marketing in this country, which if I was not on my lunch break I could go on and on about. Think Andy Willoughby. (And if you told me Andy was a Huckabee supporter, I suppose I would be less than shocked).

So, long story short, another reason to fear the Huckster.