A comment by co-blogger ACTivist just reminded me this would be a good time to re-link to the landmark essay by Fredo Arias-King which explains the ideological basis for our government’s laissez-faire approach to illegal immigration, and which we should all read every couple months lest we forget what is happening here:

…while acknowledging that they may not now receive their votes, they believed that these immigrants are more malleable than the existing American: That with enough care, convincing, and “teaching,” they could be converted, be grateful, and become dependent on them. Republicans seemed to idealize the patron-client relation with Hispanics as much as their Democratic competitors did.

Now more than ever – with immigration enforcement being debated in the Virginia General Assembly and a central topic in the presidential election campaign – it is critical that the citizens have their eyes wide open as to why our elected officials act in such confounding ways with regard to this issue.

And before anyone objects that I’m overlooking the economic basis for the influx of illegal workers, let me assure you I understand the role that international trade policies such as NAFTA have played in this along with the political and economic corruption of Mexico and corruption in the business community here in the U.S. My contention is these types of economic factors will never be addressed as long as our elected officials see the importation of a new electorate as a good thing. Illegal immigration pays, in the form of well-financed lobbying factions, it provides ideological safe harbor for public figures looking to burnish their political correctness credentials, and it portends a bright future in terms of job security for the elected and bureaucratic classes – so what’s not to like? Take away the latter rationale and the other two could be more readily attacked and exposed, but the basic tendency toward self-preservation through usurpation among certain powerful public officials ensures the trend will continue. This is what we are up against.