As illegals continue to leave Arizona with the implementation of bipartisan immigration enforcement legislation passed last year, other states are taking note.

Legislators on both sides of the political aisle in Rhode Island are pushing for similar laws as the strain on state and local budgets becomes impossible to ignore:

“We need to start taking care of the people who are residents of the state of Rhode Island, who rightfully belong here, who come here, pay taxes, and support all these programs,” said state Senator Christopher B. Maselli, a Democrat and the great-grandson of Italian knife makers, who is cosponsoring the legislation that, among other things, would punish landlords and business owners who harbor illegal workers. “They’re sick and tired of having to support people who don’t come here the right way.”

Because a host of salient issues are in play in today’s political environment, election results are a trailing indicator of public opinion. In reality – that is, back where people live – conflicts continue apace.

Despite all of the ideological posturing, therefore, people are going to continue to get concerned about what is happening around them, and public officials are going to continue to respond. These responses at the local and state levels demonstrate clearly that illegal immigration is a mounting concern.