I am curious, all of our left leaning friends here declare fascism to be anathema, but do they really know what fascism means? Here is a set of current laws, enacted for the public good, or some well meaning official tried to enact them.

1. You are required by law to sterilise your pet

2. You are not allowed to smoke in public

3. You are not allowed to own a gun

4. Fast food companies are required to put calorie information next to the item

5. Tobacco companies are liable for people using their product correctly

6. The government sets the temperature in your home

7. You are not allowed to smoke in your own home

8. You are not allowed to serve your own 18 year old son having a beer at your kitchen table

9. You are not allowed to park an SUV on the street

10. If you are obeise you can be denied government health benifits

My question is are these fascist in nature or not? Any and all are welcome to answer.