Transients. People that have no roots, and do not plan to stay in an area.

Transients that are not citizens are not as bad as those that are citizens, and know they are not going to be here in five years. Why? One reason I have some knowledge concerning people that know they will be moving out of the area in a short amount of time.

A while back, my pastor was talking with a gentleman (I use the term loosely) about the taxes and how much the education costs are for Loudoun county. In particular, he brought up bond issues. The person with whom he was speaking stated he always votes for spending for education no matter what, even if it is frivolous. When my pastor, slack jawed, asked why the gentleman replied that he did not intend on living here for long, his company would be moving him in a matter of 3 or 4 years at most, and the single most important factor for housing price increase is “what are the schools like”. If the schools are excellent, then the housing is in high demand, and supply/demand dictates an increase in price. He stated he would not be here for more than a couple of years for paying on the bonds, so it made perfect sense for him to vote for every bond issue related to schools that comes up. While “past performance is no predictor of future value” this guy had figured that the highest probability of him getting a capital appreciation of the house he bought was to plunge the county in debt. It wouldn’t hurt him — he’d be long gone when the debt came due.

In a sense, this guy was a bigger drag on the taxes than illegal aliens. He knew that the county would pay 3 times as much for the capital improvements, but he also knew he would not be paying it himself. Those that were staying would pay (with those that move in later) while he had long since moved out. Don’t even ask me what I think of the people that vote with that as their mindset — matter of fact I’ll tell you anyway. They are bigger thieves than the politicians. They figured a way to scam the system and take money from others through the use of their vote.

The only way around such a scam is to pay up front on all projects. Don’t allow the government to borrow for anything, but only to allow the government to tax based on voting. In other words, have funding questions stated “Do you support a $.05 cent per hundred increase in the tax rate for construction of a school ….” The tax bill would be assessed at the time of the vote. You vote for a tax increase, you pay the tax.

Is it going to happen? I doubt it seriously. Would it be fair? Yes.