The big trouble I have with Obama is the company he keeps, and the fact that he appears to despise his mother and her family. He writes a book called “Dreams from My Father”, his mother raised him, his father abandoned him. We see his African grandmother denouncing those who oppose him, but his European grandmother is nowhere to be found. Obama may very well need to be mending fences in his own family; all this while the left sees him as our cultural messiah who can heal the racial divide.

To me he remains largely an unknown with a few very disturbing glimpses into the world he lives in. Given his association with the likes of Wright and a former terrorists in the Weathermen, makes me worry. The anger of his wife towards whites as seen in Michelle Obama’s thesis is disturbing; the thesis shows a woman who is near obsessed with race. I begin to wonder what Mr Hope-and-Change is hoping for, and, will we be all stuck with a wooden nickel if he is elected President?

Furthermore, Obama first lied about hearing Wright‘s many tirades. Obama first said, “I was not in Church when these words where uttered.” He tried to hide Wright these past months. Back when he announced his candidacy he and Wright agreed that Wright needed to fade into the woodwork. This story about Wright retiring was a dodge. Wright was retiring to go work on Obama’s campaign. All this from a man who said, “Don’t tell me words don’t matter.”

Obama makes Bill Clinton look like a stuttering buffoon, granted Bill is nowhere near as bad as George Bush, but they all look like amateurs when compared to Obama. I do not know what else Pastor Wright is doing in that church of his, but I have heard a few other parishioners of his on the radio, defending Wright and Obama, and they are all masterfully eloquent.

Obama’s speech was excellent in execution and a few of his points were spot on. As a country we could really benefit from a true dialog on the state of race relations in this country, what progress we have made, and what still needs to be done. In trying to extricate himself from the racist message of Pastor Wright, Obama made what I saw as two critically false moral equivalences that to me are frankly execrable.

1. Obama said we all have sat in the pews and heard things that we disagree with from our pastor, priest or rabbi. Is this guy kidding me? Yes, I have heard things that I disagree with my pastor; but to draw a moral equivalence between my disagreement with my pastor regarding say a passage out of Hebrews, and the disagreement regarding some of the racist, hateful bile that ol’ Jeremiah Wright is spewing is frankly contemptible. Years ago I left the Episcopal Church because the Priest in the pulpit said that the first five books of the Bible are no longer valid in our modern day and age. I left after that, never to return. This priest’s comments did not come close to the “we are no better than Al’ Quaeda” spew that Wright bellowed. Nice try there Obama, try again, you are so far off base here you are not even in the park.

2. Obama then goes on to say he will not abandon Wright, which is something I frankly admire, but to justify this he then draws a second false moral equivalence. Obama compares Wright to his white grandmother. First of all, why does Obama feel the need to drag his own grandmother through the mud? She is not on youTube acting like a racist loser, Wright is. There is Wright on tape acting like a demented hate monger, there is no such evidence regarding grandma. Second of all while it is very true that one does not turn their back on family, Wright is not family. Furthermore, Wright is using his position to corrupt and infect his congregation with his hate, did Obama’s grandmother come anywhere close to this? Obama’s casually throwing his own mother’s family under the bus shows me what a calculating, heartless, mean-spirited charlatan he could very well be.

If Obama is genuine, and I am beginning to strongly doubt this, then in a big sense he represents absolution to many for the past racally motivated sins of this country. Which is why the press attempts to protect him, and his legion of Obamaniacs latch on to his every word. That his words are delivered with charm, a preachers cadence, and undeniable panache only completes his messianic image.