Next time someone tells you that the reason you don’t have to rely on yourself to defend yourself, remember this story from the LA Times

If the attackers had used a knife, baseball bat, or picked up a fire poker from the fireplace once inside, the result would be the same. The police arrive just minutes after the call, but when seconds count, your life will depend on how you will be able to defend yourself. This woman probably would not have been able to defend herself from two men armed with anything without having a firearm to protect herself. And while others may doubt it, I do not doubt that part of the reason for criminals brazenly breaking into homes is because they know the people in CA probably do not have guns (it is very difficult in CA to get a concealed carry permit).

Please note: This is not to say that the police did not do an excellent job here as far as they could. You cannot expect a police officer within seconds of every house in the country. Their professionalism in this case is exemplary, but barring Superman becoming a police officer, they will never be quick enough in cases like this.