For twelve years now – since the Clinton administration decided to ignore the recommendations of the Jordan Commission and the Bush administration did likewise – America has been afflicted by rampant corrupt employment practices, which have led directly to the illegal immigration crisis we are experiencing in Northern Virginia.

When the Executive Branch of the U.S. government decides to stop enforcing the law, the resulting effect is that state and local authorities must exercise initiative to ameliorate the problem.

State and local authorities, unfortunately, are generally not prone to initiative or usefulness in general, apart from a few Cuccinellis, Vogels, Rusts, Marshalls, Millers, Fredericks, Waters’ and Delgaudios here and there. Of course, the Town of Herndon and Prince William County governments are run by outstanding elected officials. Beyond them, however, the field is pretty dismal.

Consequently, under the watch of our second Democrat governor in a row, the employment environment in Virginia is now an utter cesspool of corrupt practices, characterized by companies hiring illegal aliens at greatly reduced cost and largely off the tax grid to do work that was once done by legal workers. Drywall, carpentry, siding, flooring, bricklaying, roofing, plumbing, landscaping, and pretty much every mode of subcontracted work has become overrun by companies using illegal laborers (and in the case of subcontractors, often OWNED by illegal aliens).

With the U.S. President, the U.S. Senate, the Virginia Governor, the Virginia Senate and the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors all standing firmly in favor of more corruption, things are grim for the legal residents and legal workers of Virginia.

But we the citizens do have some power: control over where we spend our money.

Hence, a group of Eastern Loudoun residents has formed the Honest Business Network, a rapidly growing coalition of companies who do not use illegal workers or illegal subcontractors.

This coalition will grow to include “Good Guy” businesses throughout the region. It provides a practical way for citizens to take a stand against the tide of corruption. Most importantly, it requires not a whit of approval from our multitude of corruption-supporting elected officials.

Governor Kaine, Senator Saslaw, Supervisors Miller and McGimsey: Y’all just go on promoting the corruption from your exalted seats. We citizens don’t need your help.

Legal residents and workers of Northern Virginia, please visit the Honest Business Network. If you need home repairs, heating and air conditioning work, construction, painting, electrical work or a plethora of other services, the Honest Business Network is your source for finding companies that do not hire illegals. Please be sure to pass along this Web site information to business owners you know who play by the rules. Companies can sign up online at that site.

We will be promoting this program continually here at NVTH and in PR releases to the local press. If you know folks who are not part of the problem, please direct them to the Honest Business Network to get their companies listed.