The tragedy of illegal immigration is the effect it has on local employment. In Northern Virginia, this has been manifest most egregiously on blue collar workers, particularly in trades related to construction and home maintenance. Companies that hire lawfully are at a serious competitive disadvantage to those that hire illegal workers.

If you don’t have to pay benefits, decide to skirt state and federal payroll tax requirements and pay wages far below what legal workers will accept, you can underbid in a big way. This corruption has been going on in Eastern Loudoun County for roughly ten years and because of the lack of local and federal law enforcement has resulted in entire trades becoming dominated by illegal workers.

WJLA channel 7 news did a recent story on the Honest Business Network, which shows that illegal immigration is most definitely not a victimless crime. I encourage everyone to watch it.

If you want to find companies that hire legally, please visit the Honest Business Network.

Untitled from Joe Budzinski on Vimeo.