As a result of the new “Legal Arizona Act” signed into law last year by that state’s Democratic governor – exactly the kind of law Virginia’s senators and Democratic governor could not deliver – the unthinkable is happening.

Mexico is being inundated with Mexicans:

The state legislator who sponsored the work bill, Representative Russell Pearce, says the law’s undeniably positive effects include smaller class sizes, shorter emergency room waits and an overall huge savings to taxpayers. The Republican congressman drafted the bill because studies revealed that illegal immigration cost Arizona taxpayers over $2 billion annually, not including the toll of crime and destruction.

It turns out that enough illegal immigrants have either fled the U.S. or been deported that officials in the Mexican state of Sonora, which shares an extensive border with Arizona, have complained that too many of their fellow countrymen have returned. They miss the remittances sent from the U.S. as well as smaller class sizes in local schools.

Mexican government officials knew Arizona’s tough employment verification law would become their worst nightmare, which explains why they tried blocking it. Earlier this year a delegation of nine legislators from Sonora toured Tucson and held a news conference to say that their beloved state cannot handle the demand for housing, jobs and schools resulting from illegal Mexican workers returning home.

What an amazingly corrupt country Mexico is.

It goes without saying that allowing Mexico’s plutocrats and criminal public officials to continue to avoid their structural problems by foisting the costs of their huge underclass on the American people is unfair to us, and not so great for the migrants either. Most damningly, it allows them to put off reform for another day.

Meanwhile, 185 years after achieving independence from Spain they still have not figured out the whole “rule of law” thing. Their state controlled oil company, which should be capitalizing on massive oil fields under the Gulf of Mexico, continues to flounder because, among other things, they have not taken the initiative to figure out how to do deep water drilling. They are sitting on natural resources which would be the envy of many countries in the world. Yet they continue to go backwards.

They need a revolution down there, is what they need. And maybe more like the French one than the American one.