The Capital Area Alliance Against Illegal Immigration was formally introduced today (includes video of the news coverage). This is a coalition of ten organizations in Virginia, Maryland and DC. All of the main local groups advocating for immigration enforcement at the state and local levels have formed an executive committee to coordinate efforts.

Greg Letiecq of Save the Old Dominion, Help Save Manassas, and of course Blog Fu, heads up the Virginia delegation. Help Save Loudoun and a variety of other groups are participating. From the Fox News coverage:

Ten groups from Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C., announced Thursday they’re joining forces to fight illegal immigration in the region surrounding the nation’s capital.

The newly-formed Capital Area Alliance Against Illegal Immigration hopes to pool the resources and knowledge of member organizations to end what it calls “political and legislative support for illegal immigration” in the region.

“Crime, unfortunately, doesn’t know political boundaries too well,” said Greg Letiecq, executive director of Save the Old Dominion and leader of the Virginia branch of the Alliance.

Chuck Floyd, head of the organization’s Maryland arm, agreed.

“We’re going after them with this particular group and trying to coordinate policies in the region, because we find that Virginia, Maryland and D.C. are not on the same sheet of music when it comes to enforcing policies,” he said.

Floyd, Letiecq and Washington branch leader Bill Buchanan praised some of the Virginia General Assembly’s recent political moves, including passing bills that revoke the license of a business found hiring illegal immigrants and to deny bail to illegal immigrants.