Why I am watching the CNN broadcast with a moderate level of enjoyment, besides the sparkling statesmanship and soaring rhetoric:

An hour ago Hillary had an 8% lead; now with about 85% of precincts reporting she has a 10% lead and the trend is going toward 12% in the next few minutes.

Heh. Chaos, you have to love it.

UPDATE: Blame it on white people.

More on that emerging theme, here.

Well, they do comprise about 65% of the electorate, so I guess you can blame most everything on them.

But much as I hate to be responsible for Democratic activists learning the right lessons about anything, I feel compelled to note that the reason Barack Obama got walloped in Pennsylvania likely has less to do with the fact he is black than with the fact that he is so comfortable among people who hate America.

Exhibit 1. Exhibit 2. Exhibit 3.

UPDATE II: Looks like she is having trouble extending beyond a 200,000 vote lead. That’s a big lead, but with 94% reporting she really needs to step it up, dagnabit.

UPDATE III: Jeffrey Toobin on CNN just now: “This is the train wreck scenario.”

UPDATE IV: Oh, and also Exhibit 4. Ya think having a completely warped, elitist world view might have something to do with the thumping? Plenty of voters “cling” to religion, last I heard, some of them not in the least bit bitter.

UPDATE V: With 99% of precincts reporting, it looks like Clinton wins by 10%. Right now it’s actually about 9.8%. That’ll do – it’s a 214,000 vote advantage. A big part of the story when the “electability” question comes up will be the clobbering she put on Obama in so many Pennsylvania counties. She beat him soundly among church-goers and massively among Catholics. She should be in the race until August if she can just resist the urge to make up easily disprovable stories. A tall order, I grant you.

UPDATE VI: Did anyone notice Ron Paul got 16% of the vote in the Republican primary, to Huckabee’s 11%. (and McCain’s 72%). I guess Paul just peaked too darn late.