The situation of the polygamist Mormons in Texas in disgusting.  This is religious persecution, pure and simple.  The Washington Compost reports that the anonymous call that precipitated the raid was a hoax.  It is for precisely this reason that an anonymous call is not sufficient justification for a search and seizure.  Having found no evidence of abuse, the state “will say that the culture of the church, which encouraged girls to marry and bear children in their early teens, was a danger to any child immersed in it.” 

Such a theory is ridiculous.  It seems to me that encouraging people to delay marriage, contrary to the God-given sex drive which comes in one’s early teens, and teaching the “safe sex” lie rather than celibacy outside of marriage, which is the standard liberal line, is far more of a danger to children.  Despite condoms and other means of protection, pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases are still a threat to teenagers who have sex.  (Abortion is not risk-free to the mother — to the child, of course, it is fatal.  Having a baby out of wedlock is a ticket to poverty for mother and child.)  But if women only have sex with their husbands, and husbands only have sex with their wives, there are no such dangers. 

Young marriages, and arranged marriages, have been the norm around the world for a very long time.  Only now, in our Western culture, is it considered bad.  There’s that cultural arrogance that the liberals are so fond of point out.  Where is the vaunted liberal tolerance when it comes to religious conservatives?  Oh, yes, that is reserved for those religious conservatives who hate America and are not White.

Oddly enough, even Texas Law allows young teens to get married.  If it is allowed by state law, how can the state argue that it is a danger?  The worst possible prosecution for an actual crime might be that they did not get a marriage licenses — which is only a misdemeanor.

But here is the crux of the state’s dilemma: it must argue that minors’ getting married is harmful enough that it must be controlled by the state, but minors’ having sex outside of marriage is not.