I am only going to give you this heads-up one time.  For those of us with ADD, ADHD and Altzeimers-too bad.  Staple a post-it to your forehead and look in the mirror often!  What?  Can’t read backwards either?  I have no other suggestions for you.

It seems that decisions made elsewhere and from middle-managment are about to give us a complete scenerio of how to kill a satellite; from beginning to end.  The interviews are still being made as I type this.  The program should include those people that made the decision, those people that implemented the decision, and those people that revamped everything to make it workable.  If we get really lucky (and I believe we will), there will be nose camera footage of the missle to target up to the last few seconds before impact.  Some things just have to remain classified as it should be.  Oh, stop crying and whinning.  If you want to see what missle impacts look like, google footage for the first Gulf War.

All this should come about around mid-June timeframe.  It is developed and brought to you by the Discovery Channel BUT will air on the Military Channel.  Get those VCR’s (or TiVO’s) ready.  Ought to be a good time!