Obama still leads in the delegate count, but his star is fading fast.  Unfortunately for the Democrats, it is not likely to fade fast enough for Clinton to overtake him in the pledged delegate count before the Convention.  If Obama wins the nomination, you can expect the union workers, a.k.a. the bitter clingers to God and guns, and the Hispanics, to stay home.  Even worse, they might actually vote for McCain — especially the Hispanics, since McCain wrote the Amnesty Bill.

The other possibility is that the superdelegates can put Clinton over Obama.  The job of the supers is to nominate the candidate they think has the best chance of winning in November.  If they do put Clinton in, the Blacks will not stay home, they will go out and riot.

Either way, it’s lose-lose for the Democrats.

Can you say, “President McCain”?  I knew you could.