Bravo to the kids of Central Washington University.

Last Saturday, in an NCAA girls softball playoff game between Central Washington University and Western Oregon University, WOU’s Sara Tucholsky hit her first home run of the season over the center field fence – the game winner.

Unfortunately, after rounding first base, Sara collapsed with a torn ACL injury. And as it turned out, she had missed first base.

She crawled back to first but could do no more. The first-base coach said she would be called out if her teammates tried to help her. Or, the umpire said, a pinch runner could be called in, and the homer would count as a single.

But then, Central Washington first baseman Mallory Holtman and shortstop Liz Wallace asked the umpire if they could assist Sara, and the ump said there was no rule against it.

So the CWU players carried Sara around the bases, ensuring she got her good leg down to touch every base, and thus assuring CWU’s defeat.

“It has been magical and crazy at the same time,” Tucholsky said Thursday. “I’m surprised at how many people have paid attention to this and how far the story has gone. But there are so many negative images of athletes now. Here is one with a positive image.”

Holtman, who had the idea to assist Tucholsky, has also been caught off guard by the ripples.

“At the time, we never thought it would be that big a deal. It just seemed like something anyone would have done,” Holtman said.


In an editorial vein, I would just say “mega-dittoes,” and hope my compatriot Redskin fans would encourage THEIR team to exercise similar sportsmanship next time Tony Romo is a bit under the weather after a week at Cancun, and shoot the boy some love.