I left yesterday around 4 in the morning for a relaxing vacation.  On the road and headed for Wake Forest to pick-up mama.   Imagine my surprise when we arrived.  Seems that Hilly, the man hater, was doing a stump for the cracker po’ white vote.  Before you could say “Yankees!  Fire!” we were on the road again.  This happened before breakfast and I’m just glad there wasn’t more of a delay.

 Heading to Myrtle you have to go thru Chadbourn-the strawberry capitol.  I couldn’t figure out what all the dust was off in the distance.  Once we got to the single traffic light, we saw what the deal was.  Can you say “strawberry festival?”  We are talking bigtime here.  The dust was from the hotrod riding lawnmowers-and those babies can really cook!  We had outdoor barbaques, classic car show and parade.  Life is good.  The simplistic things of small towns and the south.

 Moving onward without further interruption we made it to Myrtle where we settled in for a cool spring’s night.  The spring “breakers” are gone and the bikers haven’t arrived yet.  Just fishing, catching up on times with old friends (which for the older crowd consists of what ailments, what operations and who died), partaking (embibbing) of the favorite beverage(s), eating and soaking up the rays.

Now if you all are headed down this way, look me up.  Otherwise I will check-in to see the news and update this post with what I’ve caught and how big.  Maybe even some earth-shattering news if they re-open the Sante Fe restaurant.  We’ll see.

Update 5/5 Soaked up some rays. Got extra zzz’s. Went fishing but caught nada. Same with crabs. We went and got ice cream and they make some monster banana splits. Toasted Almond and cheese with crackers. Dinner. Another slow day in paradise. I might do something tomorrow but don’t hold your breath!