May 6, 2008

Help Save Loudoun PAC has endorsed the following candidates in today’s town of Herndon, Virginia elections:

Herndon Election: May 6, 2008

Help Save Loudoun PAC endorses the following “Rule of Law” candidates who are committed to continuing the town’s role as the standard-setters for local immigration enforcement in the U.S.

MAYOR: Steve DeBenedittis

COUNCIL MEMBERS: Dennis Husch, Connie Hutchinson, David Kirby, William Tirrell, James Vickery, and Charlie Waddell.

Herndon Polls are located at:

Herndon Community Center
814 Ferndale Ave
Herndon, VA 20170

Why is the election significant to Help Save Loudoun? Because the vast majority of eastern Loudoun County’s residents are as affected by Herndon’s policies as are Herndon’s residents. Sterling backs up to Herndon, and I, like many Sterling residents, live closer to the former day labor center than most Herndon residents.

The Herndon mayor and town council have accomplished the following: Made Herndon the first town in the U.S. to enroll in the federal 287(g) program in which local police assist federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement; stepped up zoning enforcement by quadrupling the number of agents investigating overcrowded houses; shut down the infamous Herndon day labor center which had established the town as a safe landing area for illegal aliens; passed a resolution to deny business licenses to companies hiring illegal workers; and sent a legislative package to Richmond which resulted in new laws increasing the penalties for driving without a valid license and overcrowded houses.

More on why you should vote for these candidates: Info from BVBL blog; info from NVTH blog.