Read it and weep.

Since McCain is doing his level best to turn off a such large segment of the country – those who are here legally and do not profit from the “invasion” – one has to wonder why another candidate does not step up to at least throw these voters a bone.

Promoting an appearance before La Raza while the illegal alien problem continues to grow in so many U.S. locales? Senator McCain may not realize how many pro-illegal votes he is going to need to compensate for the votes he is going to lose.

The article linked in that post also came across my e-mail from our esteemed visitor Lynn:

For Jazanique, Ashanae and Kimyen the job hunting experience is both frustrating and sobering. The unemployment rate among African-American teens is shockingly six times the national rate. This according to the U.S. Department of Labor translates into approximately 296,000 African-American teenagers actively seeking employment who are finding it difficult to secure a job.It does seem strange to Kimyen who grew up believing jobs are plentiful if you’re flexible, motivated and willing to work hard.

“It’s like three strikes…Black, young and non-Spanish speaking. I’m mad but there is nothing I can do about it. It’s not fair.”

The absurdity of the GOP candidate pandering to the den of thieves – now once again, unencumbered by the primary process, calling unabashedly for “comprehensive immigration reform” – is highlighted by the continuing saga of America’s legal residents (link also thanks to Lynn):

Richard says the men who attacked him are probably from outside the US, and are in New Orleans, looking for recovery work. Now, the couple feels like prisoners in their own home. “The drinking, the way they are out front, he has to bring up all his tools, we rented a storage shed, they siphoned all the gas, we can’t even keep gas in the truck,” says Deborah.

The Poches called the JPSO after the attack. But the couple says– even the deputies who arrived at the scene said little could be done to protect them. “They’re here illegally. There’s no process for prosecuting them. This is what the officer told me. They’re so disgusted cause their hands are tied,” Richard says.

While it’s highly debatable whether there is “no process” for prosecuting illegal aliens who commit crimes, the onus is certainly on the Executive Branch of the U.S. government to help local governments address this problem. John McCain’s breathtakingly arrogant reversal (or, more accurately, reversal of reversal on the original crime) on the rule of law does not bode well for the level of support he will receive this fall from Americans who want our immigration laws enforced.

How interesting that we have apparently three candidates for president who are publicly opposed to enforcement of U.S. immigration laws, and who are all deaf to the concerns of America’s legal residents, especially when those most affected by illegal migration are traditionally the core constituency of the Democratic Party. Talk about a political opening for … someone.

Assuming this situation remains through the November elections, it is setting up as the perfect scenario for a major political realignment. As the articles above attest, in California, in New Orleans – and I can also tell you right here in Sterling – things are getting worse.