The entire pro-immigration enforcement town council in Herndon, Virginia was re-elected. Mayor Steve DeBenedittis was re-elected over challenger and former council member Harlan Reece by about 1300-900 votes. Reece’s seat will be filled by Richard Downer (no friend of the current council) so the status quo is precisely maintained.

A good day for the good guys.

UPDATE: View complete results here.

A few photos, maybe some more coming tonight along with some more commentary …

Former council member Ann Null (l), local grassroots political maestro Butch Baughan, and new Vice Mayor Connie Hutchinson.

Herndon, meet your newly re-elected Town Council – well, four of ‘em anyway (minus Dave Kirby): from left, Tirrell, Hutchinson, Waddell, Husch.

Re-elected Council Member Charlie Waddell with our man in Richmond, Tom Rust.

And … drumroll please … the man who truly had the coattails tonight, en route to a blistering 40% victory


The non-politician, graduate of Herndon High School, improbable victor two years ago (to say the least), has cemented the citizens’ victory of 2006.

The entire Herndon Town Council w/ significant others. Newcomer Jim Vickory (4th in from right) did not make it in, but in his remarks tonight he noted that his entire goal in running was to help re-elect the current Council which has done so much good work, and since the majority was maintained he has no regrets. It was a very touching and uplifting speech, apropos to the occasion.