La Raza already receives millions of dollars each year in taxpayer funds, and thanks to Rep. Barney Frank they are now going to receive even more.

An extremist Mexican “La Raza” group that annually gets millions of U.S. federal grant dollars will receive even more taxpayer money in the next few years thanks to a Massachusetts congressman’s multi million-dollar earmark to counsel Hispanics about housing.

The National Council of La Raza already got $1.3 million from the Department of Housing and Urban Development this year to conduct “comprehensive housing counseling’’ for Hispanics, whether they are in the country legally or not. Now the radical group that advocates the return of the American Southwest to Mexico, will get an additional $15 million thanks to an earmark inserted by Massachusetts Democrat Barney Frank in a housing bill.

Frank, the House Financial Services Chairman, is giving the National Council of La Raza $5 million this year and $10 million in each of the next two years. The new law (FHA Housing Stabilization and Homeownership Retention Act of 2008) includes $100 million for mortgage counseling to be administered by non-profit groups like the National Council of La Raza, which has raked in millions of taxpayer dollars over the year. In fiscal 2006 alone, the group got $15.2 million in federal grants.

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If you are outraged and wondering what to do about this travesty, here are your marching orders:

Find yourself a time machine, go back 8 months, give $100 to Tom Tancredo’s presidential campaign, and volunteer to help him win the Republican nomination.

UPDATE: Since I got challenged on this in the comments, here is my proposition: Once La Raza changes their name to La Gente, and introduces a new program of job placement for all disadvantaged Americans – who might happen to be whites or blacks – I will get off their case and send them a check.