Recently we saw some new faces. One of them, loren wrote:

One person said they were against la Raza because they advocated for undocumented people. Not sure if that is true but as least it is a specific argument.

La Raza supports open borders between Mexico and the United States. How does this no lead to ‘undocumented people’? Nice bit of thought-speak there, very 1984. The two proper legal terms for ‘undocumented people’ is ‘illegal alien’ and ‘illegal immigrant’. Choose one. An ‘undocumented person’ is some who lives here legally and left his wallet at home.

The part I get hung up on is the ‘illegal’ part. When someone does not knock on the front door of your house but instead sneaks in through the basement, they have committed criminal trespass just for starters. Trying to gussy this up with word games is dishonest.

It is this governments duty to follow the laws or change them. Ignorring them is not the answer. For nation that ignores it own laws is destined for the historical dust bin.

I don’t think immigrants are the problem. I think it is part of a broad structure that victimizes us all.

Interesting. First of all I reject the whole ‘victimization’ premise. No one is a victim with the possible exception of the children of those here illegally. But they are not anchors either. Choices are made by adults, one should live with the consequences of ones choices.

As for the ‘whole structure’, I would appreciate it if you would get a little more specific here. To me anyone involved in the black market economy built on the labor of illegal aliens should be charged, fined and imprisoned or deported. Black markets lead to corruption, that is a historical fact. For the result of a society beset by rampant corruption look at Mexico.