Have you ever wondered where all the dead are?  I know that when the physical body dies that it can be burned, buried, mulched or feed (unintentional…..maybe not) for “others”.  Now the spirit (for those that believe) lives on for eternal life or damnation.  Maybe even a personal ghost or two while waiting for resurrection.  Absolutely NO ONE comes back as a tree! 

There are cemetaries everywhere and even Arlington National is having to expand its grounds.  People are looking for alternatives-espescially the “greeners”.  Because I am old and am still making my “peace” with the creator (which, in itself, is a lifelong chore for me) I don’t necessarily want to be reminded about my vulnerability and inevitable end.  Mind you, I worked in a bone orchard for many years and it has no phasing on me whatsoever.  However, what I want to know is this:

Are all those memorials along the road right-of-ways and in the medians really gravesites?  If not, why are they there?  I won’t get into statistics but I guarantee that at least 12 people die everyday in this counrty and I probably don’t know them.  I don’t know most of the people in the cemetaries.  If I did and I really wanted to talk to a piece of marble or a dirt spot, then that is where I would go to do it. 

Death is inevitable (physical).  Sometimes it is tragic-sometimes not.  Regardless of how or where, if you want to memorialize someone then name a building or street or park after them.  Create a schlorship fund in their rememberance.  Whatever you feel you must do, do it in a way that does not get in my face or infringe on my quality of life because I don’t want to see YOUR memorial for Pop, Pepe or Pooch on the right-of-ways that I am taxed for up-keep!  It kinda bugs me just like when your favorite TV show gets done with 5 minutes of commercials, then rejoins the show while you are subjected to MORE commercials on the bottom third of the screen (especially when you can’t read the subtitles because of the commercial).  These memorials don’t belong there.  Yes, as a taxpayer AND an activist, I don’t believe….I know they don’t belong there. Period.  More signage eyesore in my book.  Put the memorials where they belong-in your locker, on the mantle, on the dash of your car, on your livingroom or bedroom wall (or bathroom for you sicko’s), in your yard.  Heck, you can stick them up your a** for all I care.  Just keep the frigin things off the road right-of-ways!!!!  Thanks.