As I watch Andrew Zimmern explore donkey restaurants in Beijing (and these are not restaurants for donkeys), I am feeling more fearless by the minute. So this story from IHT was very welcome:

1. Killer hot dogs…
2. Your car’s planet-destroying A/C….
3. Forbidden fruits from afar….
4. Carcinogenic cellphones….
5. Evil plastic bags….
6. Toxic plastic bottles….
7. Deadly sharks….
8. The Arctic’s missing ice….
9. The universe’s missing mass….
10. Unmarked wormholes….

Personally, the missing mass of the universe is the one that had been keeping me up at night. If there is a chink in the armor of it all, a blot in the tableau if you will, a weak leg on the stool of life, there would be much to worry and feel guilty about. Say if some portion of a distant galaxy had begun to crumble, if some matter had gotten swallowed up: Well, we’d certainly know we could blame George W. Bush and, only to a slightly lesser extent, this blog. It’s good to have that one off the conscience.