Count this as another blow to bipartisanship. Howling Latina is a normally sensible liberal blogger who I like to read now and then. You can’t comment on her blog unless you have a Blogger account, so that limits participation, but it is worth reading most of the time. Unfortunately now she has gone down John Cole’s garden path and the only way I can comment on it is here.

Cole says that because John McCain is able to talk on a cell phone as demonstrated in this photo, McCain should also be able to work on a computer – supposedly contradicting the fact that this ad is unjustified.

The reason McCain cannot personally do e-mail is because his fingers were broken while he was a POW. He doesn’t type. He also can’t raise his arms very high because his arms were also broken. That’s not to say he can’t raise his forearm high enough to hold a cell phone to his ear. Sheesh. Expected better from you, Latina.