Big Crowd For Cuccinelli

Virginia State Senator Ken Cuccinelli got his campaign for Virginia Attorney General off the ground like an F-15 tonight with a packed fundraiser at a home in Loudoun County. Well over 100 people showed up to give their support and donations.

I counted 95 just in the main room, and there were numerous people in the hallway and back room who I could not see from my spot in the middle of the crowd. His campaign manager told me 102 had RSVP’d; on top of that I counted over 30 who signed in not on the RSVP list. I’d estimate at least 120 in total. Not bad for an event only advertised seriously for the past two weeks.

I won’t try to list all the people I talked to because I would likely leave some out due to failing memory, so let’s just note a few in the photos:

Ken Cuccinelli and Dick Black

Ken Cuccinelli introduced by former Virginia Delegate Dick Black.

Steve Hunt, Bob Marshall, Philip Van Cleave

Here (left front) is former Fairfax County School Board Member Steve Hunt, Virginia Delegate and near-Senate Candidate Bob Marshall (with his ubiquitous camera), and VCDL Chairman Philip Van Cleave (directly behind Marshall).

Paul Protic and Keith Fimian

Former Loudoun County GOP Chair Paul Protic and Keith Fimian, candidate for U.S. Congress.

It appeared a ton of volunteers filled out the sign-up sheets to help with the campaign, which is quite an accomplishment considering so many are focused and working on the 2008 elections. Ken said he will need to have a pretty large number of signatures to get on the Convention ballot so if you are interested in helping please go here to volunteer or donate.

From what I heard the Convention will most likely be at the end of May, 2009. Exact date to be set soon.

Ken Cuccinelli is one of the best public officials we have in this state and I will definitely be helping in any way I can to get him into the Attorney General’s office, and I hope many of you will also.

UPDATE: Ken Cuccinelli just sent his e-mail newsletter with news that tonight’s event raised about $10,000 from over 130 attendees, and over 100 committed delegates to the Convention. Not a bad night’s work!