And welcome, MSN visitors!!

Long after the 2008 presidential campaign has been filed away, forgotten and all the shouting long since subsided, the one thing we shall ALL remember is the ungodly amount of traffic that Sarah Palin brought to our blogs. That, I assure you, is the story I will tell my grandchildren about.

If it’s still September or October 2008, you might get the full effect by viewing live stats here.

Otherwise, for posterity’s sake, here is the screen grab:
Blog traffic from Sarah Palin photos

Here is what your referral log looks like from a Palin-lanche:
Referral log from Sarah Palin searches

And the search result itself:
MSN search on Sarah Palin

Ah, the inscrutable magic of the blogosphere. Good work, everyone, especially you, Blog Fu.

Who knows what secrets lurk in the hearts of men? Sitemeter knows.