Some random observations:

- A commenter during Ace’s live blog (which was hysterical, by the way – go here and click “Replay,” and click each new link to read through to the end, it is well worth it) noted the pall cast over CNN’s expert commentators is a sign McCain thrashed Obama. Great point, they looked like they just had a death in the family. David Gergen could barely get his words out.

- My wife just noted: “That’s how they looked after Palin’s speech.”

- Obama could not name a single thing he would cut from his plans in light of our financial tightening – except for his energy independence initiative, which incidentally he had just said is the number one thing he would NOT cut.

- McCain, in my view (imagining I’m an independent swing voter), did not clean the floor with Obama. He did not get a knockout punch. But he did sort of dust the blinds with him. Obama was on defense the entire time.

- McCain’s biggest accomplishment: He was the Dad. Obama was the college junior holding forth about how the world really works.

- Obama looked sort of “presidential,” which was something he had to do, except when he was showing his frustration and interrupting McCain which was back to college junior.

- I thought McCain did pretty well on the economy part of the debate, he underplayed his true role in attempting the reform Fannie and Freddie five years ago. In the next debates he should list more specifics.

- I think there are a ton of domestic issues that McCain can clobber Obama with. Lots of time to practice.

- McCain is going to be energized by this. Obama not so much – I predict lots of defensive spin from the Democrats tomorrow. Less so from McCain’s camp.

UPDATE: CNN just showed a group of “McCain supporters” and they are jubilant. We have yet to see an Obama supporter who doesn’t look like they just swallowed something terrible.

UPDATE II: David Gergen would make a good funeral director. He’s got the look down.

UPDATE III: CNN announced within 10 minutes of the end the results of their CNN/Opinion Research poll which had Obama winning the debate in a landslide. How do they do that so quickly, have a thousand people making three phone calls each, or 10 people making three calls each? I think the latter.

UPDATE IV: Hey, anyone with access to an ear in the McCain campaign: Go read that live blog. Some good advice there, seriously.

UPDATE V: Others commenting: Bulletproof Monk. Bearing Drift. Spank That Donkey. Captain Ed.