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A staple of the Obama economic plan has been increased taxes on the “rich”, or those earning $250K or more, and providing tax cuts to 95% of Americans workers.

Joe Biden then told us “rich” was those making more than $150K a year :

Former Democratic presidential candidate Bill Richardson recently gave us yet another perspective on Obama’s “spread the wealth” plan :

The bar is getting awfully low on the definition of “rich” under Obama’s economic plan. As each day goes by, more and more hardworking middle class Americans are being told by Obama and his party that they too have silver spoons in their mouths. That they too are among America’s rich, and will pay more taxes.

I don’t believe this is the change that they need.

The Obama/Biden ticket has been relentless with their criticism of John McCain and his association with former lobbyists. They might wish to rethink some of this rhetoric :

WASHINGTON — As Democratic presidential nominee Sen. Barack Obama targets his Republican rival Sen. John McCain for hiring former lobbyists to work on his campaign, a key member of Obama’s campaign is paying a Washington lobbyist for legal advice: his running mate, Sen. Joe Biden.

Lobbyist William Oldaker continues to represent the Delaware Democrat in his simultaneous bid for Senate re-election, serving as legal counsel just as he has for Biden’s campaigns for the past 25 years.

Read Story At Delaware Online

The Center for Public Integrity has referred to Oldaker as “a rainmaker” for his ability to represent his clients with Congressional lawmakers. Oldaker’s client list includes the tobacco, oil, and pharmaceutical industries, as well as Native American gambling interests.

Some pretty big guns working on Biden’s Senate re-election campaign. Guess Joe doesn’t share the same level of certainty as some posters here toward the upcoming election.

Biden waging stealth re-election campaign

After failing to discredit Joe the Plumber in the media, another icon emerges. This time in support of the Obama/Biden ticket, Abu The Terrorist :

Report: Al Qaeda Web Video Calls for ‘Humiliation’ of GOP, Bush

An Internet video posting of an Al Qaeda leader shows the commander calling for President Bush and the Republicans to be “humiliated,” Reuters reports.

“O God, humiliate Bush and his party, O Lord of the Worlds, degrade and defy him,” Abu Yahya al-Libi said at the end of a sermon.

The remarks from the commander, believed to be living in Afghanistan or Pakistan, are the first from a top Al Qaeda leader referring to the U.S. presidential election.

Read Story at FOXNews

Thanks for yet one more reminder why we need John McCain.

Obama reached across the political divide today, and slapped those who have the temerity to oppose him in the mouth. The reporters from three papers, The Dallas Morning News, NY Post and the Washington Times were thrown off the plane. Granted, this was not done at cruising altitude, but it is still disturbing. Will newspapermen from publication that don’t kow-tow to the Obama party line be dismissed from the White house newsroom?

This is just the latest in what is a becoming trend in the Obama campaign, stepping on the first amendment. It appears Obama does not think much of our constitution. It is fundementally flawed. We need a new bill of rights. Ones that do not limit the power of governent, but instead will guarantee jobs, homes and health care. The only trouble with this is one cannot simply legislate prosperity. Its been tried before. It has failed before.

In order for this much sought after Utopia to be brought about Obama is going to more than likely have to silence the opposition. It appears he is all too comfortable with such tactics.


For once I am in agreement with zimzo.  To wit:

It appears that McCain also tossed someone off his plane.  Joe Klein is persona non grata on the McCain plane according to The Politico.  While this is not a wholesale purge of left wing journalists I am still against it because for the 1st amendment to mean something journalists need access to politicians.  As I pointed out in a comment below unless the journalist is disruptive denying except to those who are friendly to you is a corruption of the intent of the first amendment.

This just in from a liberal friend who I am not sure knows my politics:

Needless to say, I received in a totally different spirit than I am guessing intended it – as less of a “scolding” and more of a “legacy of triumph” – but appreciate the spirit of giving and did not correct my friend in any way.

As someone said the other day, the liberals definitely dominate in the tech fields. Brilliant stuff. Now if they would just grow up think of the contributions they could make to society.

November 2, 2000 – Reuters/MSNBC tracking poll: Gore leads Bush in Florida by 12%.

February 5, 2008 – Zogby: Obama leads Clinton in California by 13%.

October 30, 2008 – SurveyUSA: Obama leads McCain in Iowa by 15%. (Based on a sampling of 45% Democrat to 29% Republican! Science, don’t you know.)

“Double standards?” Oh, brothers, that does not even scratch the surface as to what we are in for.

As noted the other day: this whole free speech concept is going to get some serious whittling down when the subject in question is Dear Leader.

And here we have the upshot. You hang Sarah Palin in effigy and it’s fair game. Try the same thing on Barack Obama and you get in trouble with the Man. Be prepared to lie low for a couple years, friends.