Here’s a thought experiment:

It is abundantly clear that Barack Obama does not suffer opposition well. You talk down about Barack, you need to be shut up. More here.

Leftism historically has been synonymous with totalitarianism and there is no reason to expect it would be any different should Obama and his thugs gain control in the U.S.

So if Barack Obama wins the U.S. presidency, how exactly will he shut down the opposing voices?

I assume this blog will go dark by next spring if Obama wins, and have been ruminating about the exact mechanics of the shutdown.

I think it would involve a combination of regulatory and tax controls. Something like a “Freedom of Expression Act” which would entail that anyone expressing “political” views would need to submit to a federal regulatory authority, in recognition of the many new available channels for expression in the Internet age. If you are publicly expressing “political” opinions on the Web, you would need to be registered and regulated, and pay a tax for the privilege.

In practice, I think this would work strongly against anyone expressing conservative views. Those on the liberal side, propagating ideas on topics such as global warming, would be exempt from the regulation because such views would be considered “scientific” rather than political. Extrapolate this to abortion, home schooling, and any number of ethical matters: Conservative blogs, publications and talk radio would fall under the code while liberal and mainstream media outlets would be exempt.

We are going to be silenced. How do you all see it happening?