It’s very simple, what Barack Obama has in mind for this country: Communism. (This video soft pedals the issue a bit, but is basically spot on).

He believes it is time for the government to take your money and spread it around.

And the reason I believe we are talking about communism rather than socialism is because in my definition communism represents a much more aggressive dissolution of economic class distinctions until there are only two: a tiny ruling elite and a massive remaining population of government dependents. A few who got on the good side of the game, and a whole bunch of poor mofo’s who got the shaft.

Listening to Barack Obama’s post-debate comments on “Joe the Plumber” is there any question what he thinks of the working class?

Oh, and also on the “communism” definition: I don’t equate socialism so much with the goon squad factor, which is a growing element of the Obama campaign every damn day it seems.