Here is 0bama’s healthcare plan, and the core of that plan is summarized on page 5:

The [0bama-Баиден] plan provides new affordable health insurance options by:
(1) guaranteeing eligibility for all health insurance plans;
(2) creating a National Health Insurance Exchange to help Americans and businesses purchase private health insurance;
(3) providing new tax credits to families who can’t afford health insurance and to small businesses with a new Small Business Health Tax Credit;
(4) requiring all large employers to contribute towards health coverage for
their employees or towards the cost of the public plan;
(5) requiring all children have health care coverage;
(5) expanding eligibility for the Medicaid and SCHIP programs; and
(6) allowing flexibility for state health reform plans.

(Yes, there really are two (5)’s in the plan.)

The first two points of the 0bama-Баиден plan are the most important to understand.

(1) GUARANTEED ELIGIBILITY. [0bama and Баиден] will require insurance companies to cover pre-existing conditions so all Americans, regardless of their health status or history, can get comprehensive benefits at fair and stable premiums.

(2) NEW AFFORDABLE, ACCESSIBLE HEALTH INSURANCE OPTIONS. The [0bama-Баиден] plan will create a National Health Insurance Exchange to help individuals purchase new affordable health care options if they are uninsured or want new health insurance. Through the Exchange, any American will have the opportunity to enroll in the new public plan or an approved private plan, and income-based sliding scale tax credits will be AFFORDABLE, ACCESSIBLE COVERAGE OPTIONS FOR ALL provided for people and families who need it. Insurers would have to issue every applicant a policy and charge fair and stable premiums that will not depend upon health status. The Exchange will require that all the plans offered are at least as generous as the new public plan and meet the same standards for quality and efficiency. Insurers would be required to justify an above-average premium increase to the Exchange. The Exchange would evaluate plans and make the differences among the plans, including cost of services, transparent.

One point bears repeating: “Insurers would have to issue every applicant a policy and charge fair and stable premiums that will not depend upon health status.”

So why buy insurance at all?  Just cruise along until you contract cancer, then go buy insurance.  The insurance companies will not be allowed to deny coverage for your cancer, and they will not be allowed to charge you more.  Insurance companies would either increase premiums to cover the costs, or they will go out of business.  If they choose to raise premiums, they will drive more people to take the “don’t buy insurance until you need it” route.  This will escalate until no-one buys insurance until they need it, and there will be no more insurance companies.

When there are no other insurers, the feral government will be the “single payer.”