From the Web site of record:

After a Barack Obama advertisement implied she was part of a “sleazy” campaign for promoting a “despicable lie” about the senator’s voting record, abortion survivor Gianna Jessen has responded to the attack with another commercial saying, “I’ve dealt with worse; I survived an abortion.”

As WND reported, the 31-year-old Jessen, who was born alive following her mother’s botched abortion, made a television advertisement earlier this year highlighting Obama’s votes against born-alive infant protection bills while he was serving as a state senator in Illinois.

The Obama campaign responded with an advertisement of its own labeling Sen. John McCain’s campaign ads as “sleazy” and “truly vile,” while showing clips from Jessen’s ad in the background, including a photo of Jessen.

I heard Ms. Jessen on the radio the other day; she is a very impressive young woman. She relates how she was invited to sing the national anthem for the Colorado state legislature during the “celebration” of the 90th anniversary of Planned Parenthood, and when she had concluded the crowd cheered wildly (she has cerebral palsy but apparently is a great singer), but when she told her story of surviving a botched abortion a sizable section of the audience turned on her, in “rage.” No wonder the Obama camp is is working to demonize her.