NBC/Mason Dixon poll just announced John McCain now trails Barack Obama 47% – 43%, with a margin of error of 4%.

Elsewhere on the same page, the Time/CNN poll has Obama 55%, McCain 43%. So you need to choose whom you believe.

Or like RCP just average them together, which lends an air of credence possibly not deserved to whichever is wrong. But what the hey. As Karl Rove said, there’s a lot of polls out there nowadays.

I have labeled the the left side of my front yard as Obama territory and the right side McCain, and I can tell you there is far more squirrel nut-burying activity on the right side – something like 58% to Obama’s 39%. Average that poll in with the other two and McCain has pulled ahead of Obama for the first time since late September. To me this indicates the undecideds breaking for McCain, which has to be the Obama campaign’s chief concern right now.

But here is what is most interesting: Even with the ungodly advantage in advertising in all forms he has been doing, Obama not only cannot close the deal but may be losing ground as time goes on. Americans are getting to know Barack Obama better, and not liking what they see.