– Condolences to the Obama family on the death of Barack’s grandmother. It is terrible timing to lose someone on the final day of the campaign because there is no time to grieve or reflect. Very sad. It’s got to be tough for the family to deal with when their heads are spinning anyway.

– On the other hand, classy is as classy does.

– As of a few minutes ago: Optimism growing within McCain camp.

– How are things looking at 10:00 pm the night before? Hard to say, but take a look at Zogby’s final electoral college prediction prior to the 2004 election: Kerry 311, Bush 213. So you know what that means … GET OUT THE VOTE, TAKE SOME TIME OFF WORK, SHOW UP AT A PRECINCT AND HAND OUT SAMPLE BALLOTS …. LET’S SHOW UP IN FORCE TOMORROW!

– That Joe Biden pick was a stroke of genius, friends. A sure sign of management expertise worthy of the office of president.

Five reason Obama lost this election. I’m not exactly poised for chest-thumping but they make some good points.

The PUMA effect, spelled out.

Obama’s ever evolving positions (video worth spreading around).

Networks may call the election before voting is complete. Ya’ think?!! Wouldn’t that be a shocker. I predict the mainstream media will begin calling it over before the sun sets in the east.

– To reiterate, get out and vote, no matter what the media are saying at 6:00 pm.