Well, Obama is our president now. He is our first African-American president, he is our second hyphenated American President. Congratulations President Elect Obama. Unlike the sorry bastards on the left who after Bush was elected claimed, ‘he is not my president’ I recognize Obama our duly elected Commander in Chief, and wish him well. I wonder if all the left wing idiots who moved to Canada will now come back? I hope not. This is not a nation of quitters; those who ran away quit, we are now better of without them.

As for those who claimed ‘GWB is not my president’ and stayed the term loyal opposition is obviously lost them. In 2004 62M Americans voted for GWB and therefore the reality was otherwise; such is the tyranny of the many. Obama has many challenges ahead of him. I categorically disagree with his solutions to many of the problems. In the end though, I hope whatever he does do does not fail because my loyalty is to my country before it is to my party. It is a shame the likes of Pelosi, Carter, Reid and Murtha will never learn this lesson. As for the Dixie Chicks, they are still young, I will therefore have a hope for them. God willing, our politics will once again end at the waters’ edge.

Congratulations America. Hopefully we have exorcised some demons by voting for someone from an officially oppressed group. Can we now all get over it? We voted for someone with NO accomplishment outside the campaigning arena. We voted for someone who, given the scanty information on his current job application, could not get a professional position with any large firm I am aware of. We voted for someone who, while a multimillionaire, ignores the financial needs of his relatives. We voted for someone who has a relationship with a terrorist, and went to a racist church for 20 years. All this to excise the festering guilt? I hope it is worth it.

According to the left, if we voted against Obama, we are racists. This was stated both blatantly and surreptitiously. Therefore, since we voted for Obama, which we did collectively as a nation, Americans as a group are can no longer be called racists. Can this hoary old canard be finally be put to rest? King wanted us to be judged by the content of our character. Instead, we voted Obama in by not voting against him because he is Black. Can we all ‘move on’ for real?

Obama is the President Elect of the United States. For the good of the nation I wish him success. I am sure the press will accentuate the positive. I am sure every benefit of the doubt will be extended. We, as a nation, will all feel good about ourselves, at least according to the MSM. I pray though that enough dignity and honesty is left in the fourth estate to bring itself to put a hot light on the Obama administration. We as a nation need this scrutiny for all administrations, not just the Republican ones. Obama is the poster child of the media, now that he is safely ensconced in the White House, are they ready to finally investigate the man, and scrutinize his actions in the future?

We have Elected Barack Hussien Obama President of the United States. We have done this seven years after 9/11. We have done this after a huge bubble in the housing market has burst. We have done this after the Fed has devalued our currency for the past 6 years. We have done this while in a state of energy dependency on people who hate us. We have done this in a time when both China and India are emergent economic super powers. We have done this at a time when Russia is returning to its socialist-dictatorial-imperialist roots. Obama will have his hands full; for our sakes, I wish him success.