Not one to avoid controversy for long, Alaska Governor and former Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin is back in the news for an interview she gave at a location that was possibly not thoroughly vetted by her public relations staff.

As Palin nonchalantly fielded questions from reporters in an ad hoc press opportunity on the occasion of her annual “pardoning” of a turkey for the upcoming Thanksgiving Day holiday, both the television cameras and audience noticed something terrible occurring in the background as the governor blithely continued the back and forth with the press.
Sarah Palin Al Franken
Just outside the governor’s field of vision but completely observable by everyone else, an apparently crazed political candidate from Minnesota was crushing small dogs one after the other, saying “THIS is how we win. THIS is how we win. THIS is how we win.”

During the course of the nearly 10-minute interview, an estimated 17 small dogs were either suffocated, or mortally wounded from massive blunt force trauma.

Confronted with the video evidence, neither the governor nor her staff would comment on yet another major miscalculation by the woman who would have been next in line for the presidency of the United States of America.