I know after the blitzkrieg we fell under conservatives are aghast, wondering “Who were those guys and what are they going to do next?”

Is there anything Moveon.org can’t accomplish?

Well I hate to be the bearer of terrifying news, but Moveon is not going away. They are moving forward!

This video was captured by a New York Magazine crew two weeks after the election at a Moveon meeting in Manhattan.

And by moving forward I mean revving up to kick ass, take photos and eat brains.

The money quote:

“Moveon is not about an issue, it’s about the issue being that you guys cannot organize, and that we need to figure about how to f-cking do it, because …”

“Can you spare us the obscenities?”

“Sorr .. Are you? .. alright, so anyway, thanks and I’m done.”

Be afraid, be very afraid.

These will be frightening times to be a moderate in America, with this progressive behemoth coming straight down the pike. To be a conservative, for goodness sake, will be like butter waiting for the hot knife to slice into us.