This is just a little news roundup from the aggregators today.

Question: In light of the following, and the fact we’ve seen this trend for the past two plus years, how much U.S. public support will there be for new measures to reduce anthropomorphic anthropogenic “global warming” which will require major sacrifices by the American people? (Pay higher taxes, pay higher energy prices, drive less safe vehicles?)

Related question: And how hard will our new president push for such measures, given the fact he is proving more and more each day to be more a pragmatist than an ideologue?

Will Canada see its first white Christmas since ’71?


Beijing’s coldest December day in 57 years

Seattle area hard hit by a rare snowstorm over the weekend

Snow, rain and ice blankets much of US

The biggest snowstorm to hit Las Vegas since 1979

Frigid Storm Closes California Freeways, Drops Snow in Malibu

Thailand: “30 of these provinces need emergency assistance as villagers there have been affected by extreme cold weather conditions”