… looking for an excuse.

There are plenty of people that are afraid of guns, knives, stepping into the breech and putting their own life on the line. Those that are not cowards do so when the situation demands immediate action. It is not just the heroic thing to do, it is the right thing to do. Defending the innocent is a virtue; not defending the innocent when you have the ability to do so is cowardice.

So what is a coward to do? If there is real guilt (guilt of being a coward) when someone has the ability to act and does not, then the coward’s way out is to make sure they do not have the ability to act. That is easy … just do not carry a gun and when one is required, they will not be able to act. But wait, what about guilt for not preparing oneself to act when it is reasonable to prepare? How does a coward get around that guilt? Well, suppose NOBODY can prepare because it is illegal? That would mean the coward is off the hook! Brilliant! Just work to make it so nobody has the tools to defend the innocent. How do you do that without looking like a coward? Claim it is to protect people! Even more brilliant! Now, the coward gets to say they are the ones protecting people (even though every instance where gun restrictions are imposed, violence against the innocent increases). The perfect ploy! They get to be the protectors of society, when in fact they are the ones that are just too afraid to act!

Next time you see someone that advocates restricting gun laws, ask if they are just ignorant of the facts that guns save lives, or if they are just being smart cowards (yes, I know there are other possibilities, like the people in power attempting to make sure the populous is unable to rise against an evil dictator).