I am choking on all that is happening with the meddling of Congress and the office of the President affecting our economy.  Seems that Christmas (more aptly Qwanza) will be coming many times this year and every year to come.  California has its own way of dealing with money problems and its people.  Seems the “Republican” Governor wants your money.  As long as he keeps it, you won’t be making any purchases or interest with it.  Folks, this is only the beginning of the Gestapo State.  All the loones are showing their true feathers. 

Now me being an individual that believes in the law of the land and doing things according to our Constitution (he,he), I might suggest that you get a deferral on your tax returns if you OWE money.  The others that are receiving a refund-input your income tax forms NOW and do it electronically!  That way we draw as much money from the government that we can get before it is frozen and that monies that is due, well……they can just wait awhile-like after the federal budget is due.  Maybe it will shutdown the government long enough to pay for this tax burden the government is putting on us and our great-great-great grandchildren.  Hmmmmm.  How do I come up with this stuff.  I’m having another glass of wine!  :smile: