I saw this coming from the otherside of the mountain just past the horizon and I’m sure that our constant bloggers have also.  Here at NOVA TOWNHALL where WE print the news that isn’t fit for print….by any other media like to keep our people informed.  It has been 11 days since “I” day (infer any meaning you want) and the bad news is coming in by the truck load.  And the news is bad for EVERYONE (almost-we’ll just say the majority of taxpayers) yet there is no outcry from the left.  Where did they go?  The smattering of negativity on constitutional rights (in specific the 2nd Amendment) is normal.  Since there is no Bush to bash for our current problems, who’s bashing THIS administration?  Just us?

The convienient silence is another indicator of what the liberal is made of.  They are always there to bash the opposition and pass blame on someone else.  But when the problem is on their side of the fence and even when it is them, you don’t hear a peep.  They are too proud to say that they are wrong in the way they think and the things that they do.  If they don’t say anything then people will just forget-about-it!  Make no mistakes-the liberals and ignorant got us into this mess and the liberals are controlling and promoting more of a mess.  They have no honor or spine.  Here Liby-Liby-Liby!  Crawl out of your hole and come justify why things are happening they way they are and who is to blame.  Can you just imagine what the next 3 years and 354 days are going to be like?