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Rather than write a new post, I will defer to Black Velvet Bruce Li who already has this up on his site. 

Here is some of the Brookings’ report.  I especially like this statement:

“Long-time residents—particularly in older neighborhoods where many Hispanic newcomers concentrated—perceived a decline in their quality of life and feared a drop in property values due to visible signs of neglect and overcrowding.”

Perceived?  Their crap analysis revolves around “immigrants”-not illegals but the two are the same by what Brookings is inferring.  What PW is stopping is the bleeding on the economy and the services, loitering, trash, crime, flop houses, lack of county tax payments and more.  After all, if you push the illegals out, you start a new influx of home-ownership (which is happening) and that INCREASES tax revenue.  The worst that happens is maybe you lose a Big Lots store and a couple fast foods.  Big business and corporations do not rely on the low/no skill illegal immigrant labor pool.

Seems that if the liberal institutions don’t like what you are doing, then you are on the right path to success.  PW: kudos and keep up the good work.  Maybe someday we can get the Loudoun BOS to look at your model and try initiating it here.

On his marriage to chess Grand Master Kateryna Lahno.

Common Sense


It appears that the Town of Herndon had 3 legislative initiatives presented to the state.  All 3 died a woeful death.  The town is actively trying to curtail the problems it has inherited and this is how they are being treated.  I’m sure with our biased legislature (too many RINO’s) until the next house cleaning election comes along, we will remain to bite the proverbial bullet. 

I like them all but think #3 really has great meaning.  I personally have been involved in 2 accidents with NO liscense and a suspended liscense.  This is about safety and is common sense but it appears we don’t want to infringe on a criminals’ right to bad behavior-least not before he/she kills someone!

HB 2153 -  BPOL tax; allows towns to levy on any person, firm, etc., in business of renting real property                                        
Died in the House Finance Committee

HB 2017 -  Transient occupancy tax; Fairfax County limitations                     
Defeated in the House

HB 2021 – Driving without license; motor vehicle impounded if previously convicted of certain offenses     
Died in a subcommittee of the Senate Courts of Justice Committee

You can read what the town is doing here.

This I found on page 4:

Steve DeBenedittis – in Herndon 700 offenders were caught driving without a license – a significant threat to public safety. One offender got ticketed, then got bonded and returned to get another ticket for driving without a license.

 This is just common sense, folks. 

Town Hall conference calls are big.  I was on my third one tonight sponsered by Del. Tom Rust.  I don’t really like or trust Del. rust because what he did to Herndon and what he hasn’t done for us now.  He has no spine and pushes some bad legislation-especially catering towards the “liberal” side.  Oh, Del Rust is a republican.

We talked about the Blue and Orange metro lines, single liscense plates on vehicles, how the stimulus money would be used, roadway maintenance and building (I’m yawning here) and then came a pop question.  Do you think that cancealed carry holders should be allowed in restaurants where they serve alcohol?  The tally was 30% said yes and 70% said no.  This tells me one of three things: 1.  People don’t understand Constitutional rights  2.  People are afraid of what they don’t know about (firearms)  3.  The Republican party STILL doesn’t get it-or at least here in NoVa.  It looks like I will have to find a party that upholds the Constitution regardless of what they call themselves because it is damn sure the current political parties don’t!

Those of you that don’t understand the 2nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution can read a “layman’s” version from A to Z now.

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One of my dearest and oldest friends was having a discussion with me the other day and we were talking about today’s political climate.  I made the statement that “if the government doesn’t stop what it is doing, the populace are going to rise up, arm themselves and march on the Capitol”.  I could hear the fear in his voice and he cautioned me that someone could be listening on the phone and that what I was saying was sedition.  Sedition!  Many things raced thru my mind and one of the first was the movie “Last of the Mohicans” (with Daniel Day Lewis) were the Colonel in the fort was talking about it being “sedition” for the militia wanting to go home and protect their homesteads and families from the marauding Indians that were murdering on the frontier.  Sedition.  Wanting to protect your own rather than a fort.

Webster’s version: sedition 1. incitement of discontent or rebellion againest a government. 2. any action, esp. in speech or writing, promoting such discontent or rebellion.  syn. 1. insurrection, mutiny.  See treason.

Our fore-fathers were accused of this yet we call them patriots.  The Constitution they developed was to counter-man this situation.  In 30 days our government has begun to lay waste our country….to the point of ruination of our economy, disgrace in the world’s eyes and loss of sovereignty.  What have we for generations fought long and hard for?  Our justice system is “picked” by the current political ideology.  Our Congress lies to get into office and then distorts the Constitution for their own favor and beliefs.  Our President and the cabinet he/she picks is apt to do whatever the prevailing wind blows.  And my and others unhappiness-spoken, written or otherwise-may be considered sedition?  If I wasn’t depressed before I am really bummed now.  I don’t know if I am considered a patriot or am commiting treason.

Making marijuana and several other currently prohibited drugs legal would in one fell swoop drastically reduce the caseload in our criminal justice system, cut violent drug cartels off at the knees and shift the public policy focus on drug abuse from the criminal sphere to health and education.

The war on drugs has been an abysmal failure. From reports I have read in recent years the percentage of users has not changed one iota in three decades. But public spending for enforcement, prosecution and incarceration of drug users has skyrocketed. Let’s stop throwing good money after bad and end the blind ideological adherence to a misguided prohibition. Let’s free up our law enforcement personnel and court system to prosecute true threats to public safety.

Of course, the key questions are which currently prohibited substances should be liberated from the underground, and how do we protect our youth.

To number one I would say, marijuana, cocaine, and some stimulants; to number two, the same way we protect youth from liquor.

Regulate them, tax them, make them available from licensed distributors – and put the cartels out of business. Sure, there may be an underground market for other substances such as methamphetamines, psychedelics and opiates, all of which I think should be decriminalized to some extent – but the black market will take such a huge bite in the behind as a result of losing the profit margin on pot and coke that it will damage them strategically and permanently.

As far as our youth are concerned, I think the public health issue will remain similar without the “adding insult to injury” factor of enriching foreign and domestic crime organizations. It’s already illegal to give a 14 year old gin. We should not let up on that policy.

Anybody who wants can now ruin their life with gin. Anybody who wants can tell their general practitioner a story and get a lifetime prescription of valium. The seven deadly sins are going to be there, no matter what. You can consume your way to hell on beer or bon bons. Public morality, or spirituality, has been a problem since, roughly, Moses.

Why facilitate the crime organizations’ profits via government-sponsored inflation of the price of Sloth?

I am not suggesting we make it easier for our children to obtain psychoactive substances. I would welcome increased enforcement of laws already on the books in that regard. Ending the counterproductive prohibition on adults will free up law enforcement assets to do a better job enforcing the rules on our kids.

Furthermore, forcing the criminals out of the business will, I believe, eliminate a prominent cultural force which currently influences our children.

The larger threat to American society is from the black market businesses that have run the drug trade for over a generation.  Let’s concentrate on putting them out of business.

For decades, the federal government has been openly abusing the inter-state commerce clause of the Constitution. Some states are beginning to fight back, and now Montana has introduced what could be the ultimate solution :

Montana loading another shot for state’s rights with proposal to eliminate background checks

Posted on Feb. 22
By KAHRIN DEINES of the Associated Press

HELENA – Montana lawmakers are betting the words ‘Made in Montana’ might be able to trigger a court showdown with the federal government, while also freeing some gun owners and dealers from background checks and licensing requirements.

Under a proposed law before the Legislature, firearms, weapons components and ammunition made in Montana and kept in Montana would be exempt from federal regulation, potentially releasing some Montanans from national gun registration and licensing laws. The legislation could also free gun purchasers in the state from background checks.

Still, the bill’s proponents say the measure has much bigger prey in its sights.

“Firearms are inextricably linked to the history and culture of Montana, and I’d like to support that,” said Republican Rep. Joel Boniek, the bill’s sponsor. “But I want to point out that the issue here is not about firearms. It’s about state rights.”

A nation comprised of sovereign states, free from the creeping socialism of an intrusive central government. Why did anyone not think of this before ?