It appears that the Town of Herndon had 3 legislative initiatives presented to the state.  All 3 died a woeful death.  The town is actively trying to curtail the problems it has inherited and this is how they are being treated.  I’m sure with our biased legislature (too many RINO’s) until the next house cleaning election comes along, we will remain to bite the proverbial bullet. 

I like them all but think #3 really has great meaning.  I personally have been involved in 2 accidents with NO liscense and a suspended liscense.  This is about safety and is common sense but it appears we don’t want to infringe on a criminals’ right to bad behavior-least not before he/she kills someone!

HB 2153 -  BPOL tax; allows towns to levy on any person, firm, etc., in business of renting real property                                        
Died in the House Finance Committee

HB 2017 -  Transient occupancy tax; Fairfax County limitations                     
Defeated in the House

HB 2021 – Driving without license; motor vehicle impounded if previously convicted of certain offenses     
Died in a subcommittee of the Senate Courts of Justice Committee

You can read what the town is doing here.

This I found on page 4:

Steve DeBenedittis – in Herndon 700 offenders were caught driving without a license – a significant threat to public safety. One offender got ticketed, then got bonded and returned to get another ticket for driving without a license.

 This is just common sense, folks.