Rather than write a new post, I will defer to Black Velvet Bruce Li who already has this up on his site. 

Here is some of the Brookings’ report.  I especially like this statement:

“Long-time residents—particularly in older neighborhoods where many Hispanic newcomers concentrated—perceived a decline in their quality of life and feared a drop in property values due to visible signs of neglect and overcrowding.”

Perceived?  Their crap analysis revolves around “immigrants”-not illegals but the two are the same by what Brookings is inferring.  What PW is stopping is the bleeding on the economy and the services, loitering, trash, crime, flop houses, lack of county tax payments and more.  After all, if you push the illegals out, you start a new influx of home-ownership (which is happening) and that INCREASES tax revenue.  The worst that happens is maybe you lose a Big Lots store and a couple fast foods.  Big business and corporations do not rely on the low/no skill illegal immigrant labor pool.

Seems that if the liberal institutions don’t like what you are doing, then you are on the right path to success.  PW: kudos and keep up the good work.  Maybe someday we can get the Loudoun BOS to look at your model and try initiating it here.