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People are starting to remember why Republicans kept getting elected all those years.

The Economist magazine, October 30, 2008:

On the financial crisis his performance has been as assured as Mr McCain’s has been febrile. He seems a quick learner and has built up an impressive team of advisers, drawing in seasoned hands like Paul Volcker, Robert Rubin and Larry Summers. Of course, Mr Obama will make mistakes; but this is a man who listens, learns and manages well…

In terms of painting a brighter future for America and the world, Mr Obama has produced the more compelling and detailed portrait. He has campaigned with more style, intelligence and discipline than his opponent. Whether he can fulfil his immense potential remains to be seen. But Mr Obama deserves the presidency.

The Economist magazine, March 26, 2009:

HILLARY CLINTON’S most effective quip, in her long struggle with Barack Obama for the Democratic nomination last year, was that the Oval Office is no place for on-the-job training. It went to the heart of the nagging worry about the silver-tongued young senator from Illinois: that he lacked even the slightest executive experience, and that in his brief career he had never really stood up to powerful interests…

The failure to staff the Treasury is a shocking illustration of administrative drift. There are 23 slots at the department that need confirmation by the Senate, and only two have been filled. This is not the Senate’s fault. Mr Obama has made a series of bad picks of people who have chosen or been forced to withdraw; and it was only this week that he announced his candidates for two of the department’s four most senior posts…

If Mr Obama cannot work with the Republicans, he needs to be certain that he controls his own party. Unfortunately, he seems unable to. Put bluntly, the Democrats are messing him around. They are pushing pro-trade-union legislation (notably a measure to get rid of secret ballots) even though he doesn’t want them to do so; they have been roughing up the bankers even though it makes his task of fixing the economy much harder; they have stuffed his stimulus package and his appropriations bill with pork, even though this damages him and his party in the eyes of the electorate. Worst of all, he is letting them get away with it.

No. Executive. Experience. He has never even managed a Dairy Queen. That’s how a bright guy can end up looking like such an ignorant fool, because he is ignorant – by definition – about something he’s never done. No hiring. No firing. No working with budgets. No making hard decisions that absolutely must get made.

You see what we got now people? Nobody’s piloting the ship.

It appears that Barney Frank a man who is a liar, tax cheat, buffoon and a politician (but I repeat myself) has taken the this hope and change thing really to heart.  Has decided that he can finally come out of the closet for real — Barney, it appears, is a communist. It seams that Barney wants the government to dictate the salaries of ALL employees — this is communism. From the Washington Examiner:

the “Pay for Performance Act of 2009,” would impose government controls on the pay of all employees — not just top executives — of companies that have received a capital investment from the U.S. government. It would, like the tax measure, be retroactive, changing the terms of compensation agreements already in place.

First of all.  Laws throughout our history have NEVER been applied retroactively.  This is a new wrinkle brought on by the communists in this country a.k.a. The Democrat Party.  This I am sure is an effort to more smoothly bring about more hope and change than we ever could imagine in our sickest nightmares.

Let me off this ride please.  I grew up in a country where the sky is the limit because no joker, be it some elected buffoon like Barney, or some bureaucrat like Geithner could hold me back.  My pay was a function of my talent and my ability to sell it.  I had a market in which to sell my wares, and I have walked away from jobs where felt I was not appropriately appreciated.  I have taken risks, and some have paid off handsomely.  Others … I leave that to the imagination of the gentle reader.

This is only the beginning.  If the federal government will feel empowered to do this for one reason, the states will do this others, and the federal government will then reach further.  One does not even need to have total federal control for the impact to became pervasive throughout the market.  For the naysayers whose knee jerk reaction will be to bray (like the jackasses they are) that, “This can’t happen here!”  Well, look how far we have come in 70 days?  These characters are on a power grab.  They are not letting the crisis go to waste.

Anyone living in Sterling Park and its surrounding communities knows 2008 was a very tough year. Crime was on the rise in the eastern end of the county. Not all, but much of that spike in criminal activity, ranging from petty theft, burglaries, gang violence, rape and murder came at the hands of illegal migrants having relocated to Sterling Park from jurisdictions less accommodating in their treatment of those who aren’t supposed to be here in the first place. It seems that Loudoun County is gaining a reputation among the illegal alien criminal community as one of those places where elected officials have rolled out the welcome mat. Sterling has become an attractive base of operation for certain illegals wishing to ply their trade. Certain elected officials, such as Dulles Supervisor Stevens Miller, decided Loudoun County’s approach should be more like that of Montgomery County, Maryland. First, create an environment where illegal aliens are welcomed, and then deny their effect on the worsening conditions. It appears Supervisor Miller wants to be Virginia’s version of Ike Leggett, the hapless Montgomery County Executive, who would not know an illegal alien if he or she landed in his lap.

Supervisor Miller having attended emergency community meetings at Park View High School was forced to acknowledge the substantial increase in crime, yet for reasons unknown, he was unwilling to connect that crime with the presence of illegal migrant criminals. Not only was Supervisor Miller not going to connect the dots, he had the gall to lecture the citizens of Sterling not to hijack the crime wave as a rationale to combat the presence of illegal aliens. We were to unconnect the dots, ignore cause and effect and pretend the problem was home grown. Ignore the evidence, illegal migrants were not to blame.

Supervisor Miller, Please meet Arnold Mancia-Morales.

Arnold Mancia-Morales is a convicted rapist and Illegal Migrant from South America who took residence in Loudoun County. It is uncertain how long Mr. Morales has been in Loudoun, however, we do know he is no stranger to our criminal justice system, having been arrested and jailed five times from November 4th 2007 to November 19th 2008 in both Clarke and Loudoun Counties.

Most notable among Mancia Morales atrocious behavior is his propensity to beat and rape defenseless elderly women. Mancia Morales beat and sexually assaulted a 76 year old woman from Sterling Park. Thankfully, for the citizens of Loudoun County, one of our elected officials, Commonwealth’s Attorney Jim Plowman through a vigorous prosecution, has ensured Mancia Morales will never again be free to claim another victim. Mr. Plowman’s prosecution resulted in a sentence of life plus 53 years. Good-bye Morales.

Supervisor Miller having shown he is completely out of touch with life in Sterling Park, now wants to carpet bag his way into being our next elected Delegate in Richmond.

Supervisor Miller apparently believes in the concept of failing upward.

For all you nay-saying liberals out there I just want you to know the truth.  During the invocation at the Martinsville NASCAR race, the minister said, and I quote: “…and we pray you give us hope; REAL HOPE, in these economic hard times.  Thank you for giving us your one and only son and it is in Jesus’ name we pray, AMEN.”

Now I knew who he was talking about when he said “real hope” but the Jesus part just cinched it.  Your Pope-of-Hope-on-Dope is a fraud.  I am now the second one to tell you.  It is time for you to convert! 

If there was ever a question whether most Americans hold conservative values, recent media ratings reports remind us. The liberal-leaning news organizations are taking it in the neck from the one outlet that dares to publish conservative viewpoints:

Post-Obama election, CNN is tanking, big time.

Fox News is in the stratosphere. Below is from today’s Drudge Report

THU., MARCH 26, 2009

FOXNEWS BECK 2,374,000
FOXNEWS SHEP 1,888,000
CNNHN GRACE 1,300,000
MSNBC MADDOW 1,208,000
CNN KING 1,144,000
CNN COOPER 1,118,000

Fox is not just ahead. Fox has lapped the field.

The top three Fox News program ratings are all over 90% higher than those of the next nearest network, and cumulatively Fox News is to all of its competitors like Coca Cola is to your local lemonade stand.

Incidentally Rush Limbaugh’s ratings have doubled since Obama was sworn in.

Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi have reignited conservative thinking on public policy in America. Thank you, Democrats, for that.

The American people have made it clear they are more in line with “conservative” than “liberal” ideas. The question remains whether enough Republicans will take up the mantle of conservatism in upcoming elections to make a difference. Based on past history, I cannot guarantee they will.

“Vengeance is mine” says our Lord and though we ought not presume to ask our Lord in what manner He ever plans to execute that vengeance, we hope He will forgive us for proffering the suggestion that in the case of Westboro Baptist Church protesters every last one of them might be swept up by the wind and thrown off a very, very high cliff.

We will leave that to the Almighty. But we will continue to hope.

For those who don’t know, Westboro Baptist Church are the people who show up at the funeral processions of American service men and women and attempt to disrupt the services by chanting and waving signs with messages like “God hates fags.” Their rationale is supposedly something like “God is punishing America for its tolerance of homosexuality by allowing our men and women to be killed in combat. Thus the deceased is not a hero to be praised but a dupe to be ridiculed.”

In reality, as our friends at Equality Loudoun point out, what the Westboro protesters accomplish is to get in a situation where they can sue people who take offense at their actions. Like, when you read the previous paragraph you probably thought “I’d like to punch them in the head.” Well, technically, it is often not against the law to disrupt a funeral, and punching people is almost always against the law, so you punching them in the head would end up with you giving them your house.

Some smart gay rights people have turned the Westboro shitheels into a fundraising opportunity, and this is what they are doing in response to the Westboro appearance at George Mason University on Monday, March 30.

I say, smart move and one that we should all support.

As many of our readers know, Equality Loudoun and I are not always on the same page, but we are on the same page with this issue. If you are ticked off about Westboro Baptist Church, please give money to the fundraising effort. They are going to send a notice afterwards to Westboro’s leader detailing how much money they raised.

If you want to see the Westboro vermin firsthand, show up at Braddock Rd and Rt. 123 Monday morning. NO PUNCHING – that is what they are trying to get you to do. Instead, bring one of those aerosol boat foghorns. Whenever the Westboro people speak, blow the horn.

If you are in the “I’d like to punch them in the head” camp but want another way to show your support to the opposition, please take a close look at the Patriot Guard Riders.

PGR is a national organization of bikers, many of whom are veterans, who show up in force at the funeral processions of our fallen heroes and line up with their bikes and American flags and, singing the National Anthem, form a screen between the Westboro protesters and the funeral procession. They have grown into a huge nationwide effort and they were formed specifically to offset the Westboro Baptist Church protesters.

Here is the Wikipedia entry.

The San Diego Patriot Guard Riders appeared at the ICCFA Convention last March – the keynote address was by a funeral director explaining all the PGR has done for the funeral profession.


If there were ever great Americans, the Patriot Guard Riders are great Americans. Click here to send them a donation.

The most inept presidential administration in modern U.S. history continues to make the news. This time at the plate: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton:

During her recent visit to Mexico, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made an unexpected stop at the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe and left a bouquet of white flowers “on behalf of the American people,” after asking who painted the famous image.

The image of Our Lady of Guadalupe was miraculously imprinted by Mary on the tilma, or cloak, of St. Juan Diego in 1531.

The Obama administration thus far is a very badly managed organization and this is evident from the top down. The Secretary of State pays an official visit to what is probably the most significant cultural site in Mexico – or at very least in the top three – and no one has bothered to provide a 200 word briefing paper? Because that’s all it would have taken, a paragraph copied from any travel guide.

These “missteps” are not resonating with the public yet because the public as a rule does not hang on every day’s news, and the “news” for that matter is mostly an institution in its last gasp which has abandoned any semblance of competence itself. Thank goodness it’s going out of business.

Eventually the public will get the message – but you can bet the leaders of other nations already have the message loud and clear: This crew in the White House does not know what it’s doing.

ACTivist made an interesting observation the other day: Except for a brave and commendable couple of visitors, all those Obama supporters from the pre-election period have been pretty darn quiet since he took office. There has been little substantive support of the candidate since his administration went into action. This is telling. Our liberal visitors are not stupid, but it is apparently too early for them to admit their support for Obama was a mistake. So … crickets.